The magic of
a truly smart home

With the help of our trusted partners, Dolce Automation works with the most highly regarded and innovative brands. When it comes to incorporating the software systems in your home, our main partner is Control4, which is a brand that has the power to integrate your consumer devices for entertainment systems, security, climate, lighting and other consumer technologies. As a trusted Control4 dealer, we work with their innovative technologies to make your home come to life through integrating the brands you love into the automation system. 

In terms of reliability, versatility and user-friendliness, Control4 is the leading home-automation system, taking a consumer-first approach to designing control interfaces that are easy to use, organize and customize. With Control4’s technology, you’re able to manage all your systems through a Control4 app on your smartphone, as well as integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free voice control. Dolce Automation chooses Control4 as the main interface thanks to its innovative, modern and intuitive features.

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